How can I book for a fundraiser?

Easy! To book a fundraiser simply go to https://australianfundraising.com.au/book-now/

Once you have booked Ashlee, your Account Manager, will be in contact with you within 24-48 hours to discuss further details of the fundraiser with you.

How long does the Cookie Dough Store For?

Once you have received your tubs from your group OR the family you have purchased from the cookie dough needs to be placed in either a fridge or freezer ASAP. The cookie dough can be stored in a fridge for up to 4 weeks or a freezer up to the best before date. It  can be refrozen on many occasions up to the best before date.

How do I order online?

Ordering online is simple! If you are a parent who has created an profile page for your child, and your group is registered for online fundraising, you can order by clicking on the Order Now button on your child’s profile page. You can also share your child’s unique link via, email, Facebook, twitter or text message by clicking on the share buttons on the profile page. This feature will then send out your unique link for your friends and family to order online.

When do I get my Cookie Dough/Where do I get my Cookie Dough?

If you have purchased your Cookie Dough from a family member or friend you MUST collect your order from them directly as they are the ones who will collect the Dough from their group on the given collection date. We do not send individual orders separately; you must wait for the delivery of to the group that you have ordered from.

How do I Order my Prizes?

Cash – If your school or group has chosen to do a cash only option you must return your Order Form booklet with the back page filled out and cash in an envelope to your group.

Online – If your group has chosen to do Online Fundraising and you have sold tubs online ONLY, you must wait until the online purchasing period has closed for your group or school until you can choose your prizes online. You can order your prizes by clicking on the “Order My Prize” button on your Parent Dashboard. If you have done Cash and Online sales you must ensure that all of your cash tubs have been entered via your child’s Profile Page, you can then choose your prizes online as listed above OR you can fill out the Order Form Booklet provided and return the Cash to your group..

If you have cash sales these MUST be returned to your group or school otherwise the tub WILL NOT be ordered.

Where is the cookie dough manufactured?

Our cookie and biscuit doughs are manufactured in Queensland.

What are the ingredients for the Cookie and Biscuit Doughs?

Ingredients for our cookie and biscuit doughs can be found here: https://cookiedough.com.au/products

Do you offer a gluten free option?

Unfortunately not. In 2018 the factory that produces our cookie dough moved our production to another facility which mainly produces bread. Our factory could not guarantee our product to be Gluten Free and we unfortunately had to discontinue the product due to possible cross-contamination.

Are nuts used on your production line?

Our cookie and biscuit doughs are now produced in a nut free factory. Peanut and tree nuts may be present in the NESTLE® SMARTIES® and our chocolate, however.

Where can I see my orders on the Parent Portal?

In the Parents Portal there is a "My Orders" button. Simply click on this and it will show all orders that have come in via your Online Store. This can also be viewed on the Profile page by clicking "View Page".

Why is my payment not working?

The card section is very sensitive and it can also depend on the browser you are using ie. Google Chrome, Safari etc. Ensure that you are not adding spaces in the Card Number section and the expiry date is entered as "04/2020" not "04/20". 

If you are still having troubles after this please contact us via the "Need Help?" button or contact us on 1300 133 022 to order over the phone for your respective child.

Why can't I see all of my page?

Desktop/Laptop - At times the website does not show all of itself, you simply have to scroll out on your device to view all of the page contents. This can also depend on the browser you are using as the site is NOT compatible with Internet Explorer.

Mobile Device/Tablet - As the webpage is too large to fit it all on the screen of a mobile device you will have to scroll left to right, up and down to view all aspects of the page.

We recommend a Laptop/Desktop device for more ease of use.

How do I change the dates of my Fundraiser?

You can only change the dates if you are the coordinator of the fundraiser or have taken over from the coordinator. If you would like to change your dates please contact [email protected] or on 1300 133 022.

Why can't I find my Organisation?

Please ensure that you have booked the fundraiser before you try to create an online page. Your organisation will NOT show up if you have not done this.

To book please go to: https://australianfundraising.com.au/book-now/

Someone has ordered, why isn't this showing up?

If someone has ordered from you and their order is not showing up after 1 hour, please contact us immediately via [email protected] or on 1300 133 022.

How do I add cash orders?

Parent - If you are a parent you can enter your cash orders in via the Profile Page, which you can access by clicking the "View Page" button in your dashboard. Here you will see an "Add Cash Tubs" button. Click on this to enter in your cash orders.

Coordinator - Login to your Coordinators Portal. Once here, click on the "Prize and Tub Orders" section. This will then open a new page. In this new page you will see an "Add Orders" button, this is how you enter in your cash orders.

However, if the child has already created an Online Page then you must search the child in the prize and tub order section and click on the Blue Pencil (Edit) button located in the Actions column. This will take you through to edit the child's page, simply scroll to the bottom of thepage and click "Add Manual Order" to enter the cash sale.

What do I do with my cash monies?

Parent - If you have entered your cash sales online, simply take the monies with the back page of your Order Form Booklet into your group/school. If you have not entered in the sales online this is okay as your group/school coordinator will do this for you. 

Coordinator - Once you have collected the monies from all the parents and ensured all the cash orders have been entered into your portal the monies can then be banked into your nominated bank account.

Where do the prizes get delivered to?

The prizes are delivered directly to your group/school and will be handed out with your Cookie Dough Order. If you do not receive your prizes please ensure that you contact your group/school directly.

Note: You MUST order your prizes, your Prize Goal is NOT your final prize order.

How do I delete a duplicate page?

If you have accidentally created 2 pages, please contact us via the "Need Help?" button, via email [email protected] or on 1300 133 022. We will attend to get the duplicate page deleted for you.